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Skin Glow Tea Whitening Skin Herbal Tea in 10 Days

Skin Glow Tea Whitening Skin Herbal Tea in 10 Days

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Skin Glow Tea Whitening Skin Herbal Tea in 10 Days

Discover the secret to radiant, nourished skin with our Skin Glow Tea. Crafted from 100% natural and organic ingredients, this caffeine-free herbal blend is designed to enhance your skin's natural beauty. Each box contains 10 pyramid teabags, carefully portioned at 8g each.

Main Ingredients:

- Fructus Jujubae: Known for its skin-nourishing properties.

- Rhizoma Dioscoreae: Rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin.

- Arillus Longan: Detoxifies, purifies, and reduces fine lines.

- Fructus Lycii: Hydrates and removes open pores and freckles.

- Mulberry: Boosts blood circulation for a vibrant, glowing complexion.

- Rose: Softens and smoothens the skin.

- Black Fructus Lycii: Combats signs of aging.

- Red Ginseng: Shields against UV radiation-induced darkening.

Red Ginseng is a remarkable herbal remedy with several health benefits. Here are some of its key uses:

1. Boosting Energy and Reducing Fatigue: Red ginseng is commonly used as a natural energy booster, enhancing stamina and reducing fatigue.

2. Brain Function: Components in ginseng, such as ginsenosides, may protect the brain against damage caused by free radicals. Regular consumption has been associated with improved cognitive function in older adults.

3. Immune System Support: Ginseng has immune-boosting properties that contribute to overall wellness and vitality.

4. Heart Health: While more research is needed, ginseng may help manage blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and reduce inflammation.


- Supports a healthy glow.

- Rejuvenates and moisturizes.

- Detoxifies and purifies.

- Hydrates and refines pores.

- Enhances blood circulation.

- Fights signs of aging and UV damage.


Keep in a cool, dry place and reseal the bag after opening.

Brewing Guide:

1. Place one tea bag in a 6 oz cup of boiling water.

2. Steep for 3-5 minutes.

3. Sip and experience the soothing benefits!


- Enjoy 1-2 tea bags, twice daily.

- Each tea bag can be steeped 2-3 times.

- Add honey or lemon for extra flavor.


Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Individual results may vary. Consult with your healthcare provider before using any supplements.*

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