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TGE Unique 400ML Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier Bluetooth Music Speaker with Remote 7 Color LED Lights Auto Shut-off

TGE Unique 400ML Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier Bluetooth Music Speaker with Remote 7 Color LED Lights Auto Shut-off

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Super Quiet BPA-Free 400ML Unique Bluetooth Music Speaker with 7 Color LED Therapeutic Lights Aroma Diffuser High Quality Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with Remote Control. Play Your Calming Spa Music through Your Bluetooth Speaker. Essential Oil Diffuser for Essential Oils with Waterless Off/On and Smart Water Tranquility. Bluetooth Aroma Diffuser; Essential Oils with Humidifier; Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser - Better Homes and Garden. Great humidifier for baby! Simple Operation; Mist Timer up to 10 hours; Auto Shut-Off; Coverage Area: Up to 430 sq. ft. Accessories: AC adapter, User Manual, Water Measuring Cup

  • REMOTE-CONTROLLED AROMATHERAPY BLUETOOTH SPEAKER ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER COOL MIST HUMIDIFIER. Aromatherapy, LED light/night light and Bluetooth Music Player. The diffuser holds 400ml of water and produces up to 40ml of moisture per hour for up to 10 hours. Through air diffusion, a few drops of essential oil can deliver therapeutic aromatherapy throughout your room while clearing the air and creating a pleasantly fragrant environment.
  • GREAT QUALITY BLUETOOTH 5.0 SPEAKER CONNECTIVITY WITH HIGH AND PROFOUND BASS PERFORMANCE. Uses Smart Bluetooth accessibility to play your personal list of favorite music or audio books. Perfect for yoga, meditation or ambient music. The simplest and easiest set-up in the market available for your Bluetooth Diffuser/Humidifier. Press the button 1 time to turn the speaker ON.
  • 7 LED THERAPY COLOR CHANGING LIGHTS. The LED light can be set to one color or a series of seven relaxing therapy colors or simply shut completely OFF for a great night of sleep. Each color is adjustable between Bright and Dim. An ideal night light/ambient light creates a calm and romantic setting. Absorbs energy from full spectrum of colored lights stimulates the body’s circulatory system, immune system, endocrine system and nervous systems.
  • HIGH QUALITY ULTRASONIC MIST. Mist and essential oils bring clarity, tranquility and stress relief, and it helps to relieve dry sinuses. Portable for home, office, spa, bedroom, babies/children's room. Its super fine and smooth mist helps soften and moisten dry and chapped skin. It also helps you breathe better when you are sleeping with an air conditioner on.
  • SUPER QUIET AND TIMER. Adopted ultrasonic technology, this diffuser is extremely quiet when on. Water-dripping and running noise can be controlled to 35dB, perfect for sleeping, working, entertaining, exercise, etc. This Remote-Controlled Diffuser with Bluetooth Speaker Shuts Off Automatically When the Water Runs Out. Timer Modes: 1H/3H/6H/ON. Mist time up to 10 hours.
  • FUNCTION KEYS: “MIST”: Press the "MIST" button: Press 1 time to set for 1 hour. Press 2 times to set 3 hour timer. Press third time to set 6 hour timer. Press 4 times for continuous mist. “LIGHTS”: Press the button 1 time to turn on the LED light: The colors will change automatically. Press the button a 2nd time to set the color. Press the button a 3rd time to select dim or bright color.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: 1 – Diffuser/Humidifier; 1 - Measuring cup; 1 - DC 24V adapter; 1 - User manual; 1 - Remote control. Essential oil is not included.

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